VCS-319 認定資格試験 - VCS-319 試験復習赤本


数年以来弊社のPass4TestのIT試験分野での研究を通して、弊社はこの職業での重要な存在になります。弊社の開発したソフトは非常に全面的です。VeritasのVCS-319 認定資格試験は販売量が一番高いソフトの一で、受験生をよく助けて受験生に試験に合格させます。知られているのはVeritasのVCS-319 認定資格試験に合格すればITという職業でよく発展しています。

試験科目:「Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 11.x」
問題と解答:全135問 VCS-319 テスト参考書

>> VCS-319 テスト参考書

VCS-319 認定資格試験はIT試験問題集を提供するウエブダイトで、ここによく分かります。最もよくて最新で資料を提供いたします。こうして、君は安心で試験の準備を行ってください。弊社の資料を使って、100%に合格を保証いたします。 

NO.1 In Outlook, a user sends a manual archiving request on an item and notices that the pending
email item is reverted back to its original message class.
What is the likely cause?
A. the Vault Store is in Backup mode
B. the Index Service is stopped
C. the Exchange Mailbox Archiving task has failed
D. the message class IPM.Note* is unselected
Answer: A

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NO.2 Users who are disabled for Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x (EV) complain that they see the
Enterprise Vault Office Mail App in OWA 2013. What is the possible reason for it?
A. EV Office Mail App is installed using EV OWA Extensions
B. EV Office Mail App is deployed for the Organization level in Exchange
C. EV Office Mail App is installed using PowerShell commands on the EV server
D. EV Office Mail App is installed using EVPM and OfficeMailAppManifest.xml
Answer: B

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NO.3 Where is an item temporarily stored when Outlook Web Access users open the archived item?
A. in the user's mailbox, in the Deleted Items folder
B. in the TEMP directory on the Enterprise Vault Server
C. in a temporary folder on the user's computer
D. in the user's mailbox, in the Restored Items folder
Answer: A

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NO.4 An administrator finds several Failed Operations > Copy items when reviewing Operations
Manager > Exchange Monitoring > Summary
Why are these items displaying as failed operations?
A. there are corrupt messages in the journal mailboxes
B. there are corrupt messages in the user archives
C. journal messages are failing conversion
D. user messages are failing conversion
Answer: A